SEG Fabric Backdrop

This new SEG(Silicon Edge Graphic) backdrop structure is using aluminium frames and tension fabrics. We have standard sizes and can be customised. SEG Fabric Backdrop will be the best alternative for normal PVC backdrop or Sticker backdrop, it is easily assembled and does not require drilling or any carpentry works.

Perfect for Photography

Using tension fabric, it does not have the reflective surface of the PVC banner. Fabric backdrop is printed using dye sublimation, which sits the colours into the fabric, and we are able to light up the fabric to help brighten it up. Photography for events, exhibitions, photo booths and etc are all suitable.

Different Lighting Effects

With this modular system, there are various options for the lightings to brighten the backdrop for events.

  • TOP using long arm LED lights
  • BOTTOM up with flood lights
  • Backdrop can be lighted from the BACK