Stadium Banners

Stadium Banner are available in different sizes and also customisable to the size required. The material used is 100% polyester. Different finishing are also available.(Pockets, Grommets and Sewn in Rope)

Do check with us with your customised size.

3m x 5m – $720
4m x 6m – $1150



Stadium banner are used mainly for large events, like sports, or huge company or organisation meetings. Stadium banners are widely used in sporting events across the world, one example will be football. European, Asian, South Americans team likes to use these banners for their promotional purposes, and during World Cup 2018, large fabric banners are used for the country flags on the pitch.

Sgbanner largest flag made is the Singapore flag for National Parade 2018 at the Floating platform, spanning 32m in length and 24m in breadth, the stunning 100kg banner was carried by at least 30 participants and revealed during the finale of the national parade. These banner took us almost 14 working days to print and sew on accurately with the reinforcement so the participants can carry it properly.



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