SEG Fabric Pop Up Display 3×3 Straight

SEG Fabric Pop Up Display 3×3 Straight a new Pop Up Display variant, using SEG aluminium profile with tension fabric. Using just 1 piece fabric on the front and 2 side graphic to cover up the whole system. Also it can be made double side upon request to form a block. As we are using tension fabric therefore the creases will be straightened upon installation. Tension Fabrics are print using dye sublimation method with full colour printing, therefore we can achieve any colours that you need for the display. 

Each set of Pop Up Display consists of the following:

  • 1 set of 3×3 Straight pop up frame
  • 2 horizontal aluminium SEG profile
  • 4 vertical aluminium SEG profile
  • 2 side aluminium SEG profile
  • Front graphic 2240mm x 2240mm 
  • Side graphic 370mm x 2240mm
  • 2 pieces of LED lights
  • Display Dimension
  • 2240mm x 2240mm x 370mm
  • Canvas case
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SEG Fabric Pop Up Display 3×3 Straight, a new pop up display system using tension fabric with SEG (Silicon Edge Graphic). An alternative to the traditional Magnetic PVC Panels Pop up display that requires aligning of the different panels with the magnets strips. Totally portable as it is very light weight, and aesthetically enhanced for the display is straightened while using tension fabrics.