ADBANK – Tabletop Powerbank

Capacity : 20000mAh
Product Size : 152 x 178 x 57mm
Picture Size : 150 x 90mm
Weight : 850g
Battery Type : Lithium Polymer Battery
Colour : Black
Input & Output : 5V/2A
Shell Material : Acrylic
Socket Type : Dual USB, 4 ports
Power Indicator : Digital Indicator
*includes iPhone / Andriod phones cables



Smartphone usage is very frequent nowadays and battery consumption will not be able to last the full day with constant viewing of messages, emails, videos social media and apps. Powerbank is the common solution for ad hoc charging of the smartphone.

Restaurants, cafes and bars often met with these questions:

1. Do you have a charger for iPhone?

2. Can we use the plug to charge?

3. Do you have iPhone or Samsung cable?

4. May I charge my phone over the counter with your charger?

This tabletop powerbank with advertising space, will help businesses with branding purposes and also gives convenient to customers to charge their mobile devices with ease.

Alternatively, the tabletop powerbank can be used at home as photo frame, with the capability of charging your mobile phones without plugging to socket.



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