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infused with dye sublimation method for it to last

Fabric banners using polyester material, normally used for flags, now we can use it for large format printing in full colour with a maximum width of 3.2m without sew. A premium print, however long lasting and it is not reflective, which will be suitable for photo taking.

Do check with our sales team for various kind of Fabric banners and usage.

Polyester & Tension Fabric

Using dye sublimation method which is long lasting and washable

Normally used for flags, teardrop banners, feather banners and etc.
Polyester 80g
Polyester 110g
Polyester 150g
Polyester 250g

Normally used for table cloth
Polyester 250g
Polyester 300g

Normally used for backdrops, tension backdrops
Tension Fabric 250g
Tension Fabric 300g

Please email us at sales@sgbanner.com or call us at +65 8660 5356 for the costing